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  • Question: Fill in the blanks: -------- needs to be distinguished from simple dynamic equilibriums, which are not regulated, and steady states, which may be stable but sensitive to perturbations.
    Option 1 : Control
    Option 2 : Medical
    Option 3 : Biogeography
    Option 4 : Homeostasis
  • Question: Fill in the blanks: -------- regulate their blood glucose with insulin and glucagon.
    Option 1 : Insects
    Option 2 : Mammals
    Option 3 : Trees
    Option 4 : Biological systems
  • Question: Fill in the blanks: -------- timing depends upon a balance between homeostatic sleep propensity, the need for sleep as a function of the amount of time elapsed since the last adequate sleep episode, and circadian rhythms that determine the ideal timing of a correctly structured and restorative sleep episode.
    Option 1 : Awake
    Option 2 : Homeostasis
    Option 3 : Dream
    Option 4 : Sleep
  • Question: Fill in the blanks: -------- vessels can sense resistance of blood flow against the walls when blood pressure increases.
    Option 1 : Heart
    Option 2 : Blood
    Option 3 : Brain
    Option 4 : Leg
  • Question: Fill in the blanks: -------- homeostasis, wherein the sub individual structures grow in harmony with the whole individual the relative proportions of the individuals remain constant.
    Option 1 : Richet
    Option 2 : Response
    Option 3 : Budget
    Option 4 : Structural
  • Question: Fill in the blanks: -------- homeostasis helps explain nutrient recycling and population dynamics.
    Option 1 : Reactive
    Option 2 : Blood
    Option 3 : Seventh
    Option 4 : Stoichiometric
  • Question: Fill in the blanks: -------- after its major eruption in 1883 the established stable homeostasis of the previous forest climax ecosystem was destroyed, and all life was eliminated from the island.
    Option 1 : Greece
    Option 2 : Japan
    Option 3 : Krakatoa
    Option 4 : Africa
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